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2 Great Services. 1 Locked-In Low Price. Starting at $59.95/mo. Price Guaranteed for 5 years, no-term commitment required. Connection speeds up to 7 Mbps.
High Speed Internet
Automatic Online Back Up
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Connection speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 40 Mbps. (Not all speed available for price lock)
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About: Fairfield, IA

Fairfield was the site of Iowa's first and second state fairs. It is home to a 32,000 square foot Arts and Convention Center and the Louden Machinery Company. On the first Friday of every month, Fairfield hosts the Friday's Art Walk, which showcases local artists in various galleries and business-galleries around the downtown area. Also, Fairfield is known for their worldly architecture that depicts French, Italian and Greek architecture. Fairfield is the birthplace of the actors Ben Foster (Six Feet Under, X-Men: The Last Stand) and Jon Foster (Accidentally on Purpose).

Population: 9509
Local Newspapers: Fairfield Ledger
Local Sports Teams: N/A
Local Colleges: Maharishi University of Management

Bundled offers in Fairfield, IA

Home Internet, whether you live in Fairfield, or anywhere else in the country is all but essential these days. Like home phone used to be Internet is the ultimate communication tool, it connects you to the people you know and the world you want to. Try and go a day without checking your email and see how essential the Internet really is in this age of worldwide communication. Depending on the size of your household the speed you need your Internet to reach can vary. But no matter the speed you need in Fairfield, Qwest offers all four of its speed packages for the same monthly rate for the first six months.

For causal users and small households Qwest offers its Essential package at 7 Mbps speed. Download at seven Mbps and upload at five. Download a music file in less than five seconds if you so desire. Starting at twenty dollars with free activation the Essential package covers all your basics. Upgrade one step to the Advanced package and your speed almost doubles to twelve Mbps for downloads. Music files will then download in less than four seconds.

For those with larger households in Fairfield, IA or more needs from the World Wide Web there's the Extreme package. With download speeds up to twenty Mbps you can download a music file in about two seconds, a nice even number. For the ultimate user there's the Pro package that boasts speeds of forty Mbps for downloads. That means music can download in one second or less. No patience? No problem.

All four of Qwest's Internet packages in Fairfield, Iowa come with free activation, and all come with a starting price of twenty dollars. Not a bad offer to get your home Internet up and moving (as fast you want). Pick your price and pick your speed with Qwest's many options. The Internet is essential, but so are your savings. With four different packages and price ranges Qwest offers the options consumers have come to desire and the Internet speeds they have all come to expect in Fairfield.

Zip Codes associated with Fairfield, Iowa: 52556

Towns/Cities near Fairfield, Iowa : Ottumwa, Mt PleasantAgency, Batavia, Birmingham, Lockridge.


*Offers end 9/30/2012. New residential Pure Broadband customers only. One (1) offer per household. An additional monthly fee (including professional installation, if applicable) and a shipping and handling fee will apply to customer’s modem or router. Offers cannot be combined with other promotions. Existing customers will lose current discounts by subscribing to this offer. Current Price for Life Customers – Acceptance of this offer will automatically cancel the Price for Life guarantee and customer’s High-Speed Internet service could be subject to any future rate increases. The listed monthly rate for Pure, up to [7/12] Mbps will apply for 6 months (after which the rate reverts to the then-current standard rate). General – Services and offers not available everywhere. CenturyLink may change or cancel services or substitute similar services at its sole discretion without notice. Offer, plans, and stated rates are subject to change and may vary by service area. Requires credit approval and deposit may be required. Additional restrictions apply. Terms and Conditions – All products and services listed are governed by tariffs, terms of service, or terms and conditions posted at www.centurylink.com. Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges – Applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges include a carrier Universal Service charge, Carrier Cost Recovery surcharges, a one-time Pure Broadband Activation fee, state and local fees that vary by area and certain in-state surcharges. Cost recovery fees are not taxes or government-required charges for use. Taxes, fees, and surcharges apply based on standard monthly, not promotional, rates. Pure Broadband -- Customers must accept High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement prior to using service. Download speeds will range from 85% to 100% of the listed download speed due to conditions outside of network control including customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion and customer equipment. In some areas, a telephone landline may be required as a part of the service but only for the purpose of data traffic transmission/connection and cannot be use for voice traffic transmission, except 911 services. The name CenturyLink and the pathways logo are trademarks of CenturyLink, Inc.